“Give life to your dream design with just a click of a button”

How did it all begin?

What is it about designing a space that we all look for? We tend to get apprehensive and sometimes have breakdowns when we feel like things aren’t going the right way. Alright, enough with the dramatics… So not so long ago, I brought up the task of designing and working on the interiors of my living space. I thought I could get it done in a jiffy, after all I had watched countless Youtube videos that taught me how to do things by myself… so I felt that I would be able to do it myself.

“*Pfft, this should be easy”, is what I thought to myself, before I came face to face with the herculean task, the daunting monster of creative design… that people online make it seem effortless… Believe me, I felt so uncoordinated like I had two left feet, so colour blind, that I decided it’s best to leave it to the experts.

So there I was standing looking at the wall, with an idea in my head… it was just like a thought bubble plus the lit bulb we see in cartoons and comics, I thought why not create a place where a person can get help to design his/her space without leaving the comfort of their house, while maybe drinking a beer and watching the game… I thought that this was something that should be given more thought to; because I cannot imagine the countless number of people like me all excited about redecorating or designing their space, but end up feeling lost with their arms covered  in a coat of paint and wallpaper sticking to their face. So this little brainchild of mine, which I call INERHUB, the word getting its bits and pieces from the words interior and designer, I would leave it up to you to guess which is which; well basically this platform is an interactive webpage where the clients can hire the services of interior designers from all over the globe just sitting in front of their desktops or looking at the screen of their mobile phones.

Discover what price is in offer.

INERHUB gives you a unique way that is tailored just for you to discover services to design that perfect niche you have in mind. Once you're satisfied with what is on offer you could go ahead and request a follow-up on the project.

“In you I lay my trust”

Trust the designers to get your work done

Our team usually does a detailed background check on everybody before allowing them onto our platform to guarantee you'll be working with only the experts and not some rag tie bunch of amateurs.

You can go through the reviews and ratings of each freelancer who shows interest in your project before proceeding to the next stage.

You are always the one in control!

Collaborate easily

INHERHUB gives you a clearly marked inbox of tasks to be completed and well defined communication threads and a simple and easy to understand invoicing method.

It is our highest priority to safe-keep your funds

Outsource your design needs risk and hassle-free on INERHUB and collaborate with freelance interior designers from any country all over the GLOBE.

If there's an issue, we'll help you resolve it.

Our intuitive payment system holds payments in an escrow account until work is considered to be complete by both parties.

Customer satisfaction is a must!

Anti-Fraud Protection

We are on call 24/7. We monitor even the smallest of transactions done and employ smart identification procedures to protect you from being conned.

We are always here to help!

Whether you're experiencing technical or collaboration issues, our customer support team can help you resolve the problem swiftly without having you break a sweat.

“We believe in creating a harmonious symphony, every note beautifully tied into one breath taking melody without a single hiccup